Coming from an extensive background of Conscious Dance and Psychotherapy, I offer classes, workshops, coaching, supervision and community dance ritual spaces in Totnes where I live and workshops internationally. I accredited as a 5 Rhythms teacher at both Waves (2004) and Heartbeat level (2007).  I have been a staff member and faculty teacher for  The School of Movement Medicine since the school began in 2007 and have recently graduated as an Open Floor teacher with Open Floor International.

For the last 10 years I have worked with many clients offering personal and professional coaching and mentoring. Having trained extensively in Core Process Psychotherapy at the The Karuna InstituteBiosynthesis Body Psychotherapy, Voice Movement Therapy and Transpersonal Supervision,I worked as an accredited psycho-spiritual, body based psychotherapist and supervisor for 20 years in private practice. For 12 years I was a senior staff member and trainer on the MA Program in Core Process Psychotherapy at The Karuna Institute. I also learnt much during the year I spent studying Facilitation for Leaders with CFOR (Process Work).

In the last three years I have been exploring ways of bringing my process and facilitation skills into wider contexts In particular I have offered trainings on Personal Resilience in Challenging Times and The Work That Reconnects to Transition Town Totnes, and Conflict Fundamentals to Transition Network staff. I have also had the opportunity to co-shape and co-facilitate the international Transition Network Conferences in 2011 and 2012.

I delight in movement as a spiritual practice, discovering again and again how it returns me to myself and the simple ground of being. I have also been blessed to be a student of Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto, Amerta Movement) and Giles Petit (voice) for many years. Meditation has been a central part of my life for 35 years in Buddhist and Sufi traditions.

My work is informed by 5 RhythmsMovement MedicineOpen FloorJoanna MacySuprapto Suryodarmo’s Amerta Movement, my background in mindfulness and body based psychotherapy and meditation, the Transition Movement, and contemporary Integral teachers, currently Thomas Hubl.


“We have known Jo for many years and recognise in her a truly beautiful blend born of her many years of dedicated practice and enquiry. She is wise, funny and a truly unique dancer with a heart of gold and the uncompromising intelligence to match. She’s a force of nature who will stay with you wherever your journey leads.”


Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan – Directors School of Movement Medicine


“Whether it’s 5 rhythms, ecstatic dance or just a bop!  Jo creates a space and invites you to dance and move from the core of their being.  Her wide selection of music is brilliant, from wild world beats to the sublime and angelic.”

Joyya Whelan – Seeds & Quest Festival Producer


“Jo is an outstanding 5 Rhythms teacher. Her work is rapturously received wherever she goes. She has 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and group facilitator.    She is passionate about creating a space where the unique dance of each person can blossom and is known for her inspired and wide choice of music.”

Malcolm Stern – Psychotherapist, Writer


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ….. Jo certainly knows how to tiller a boat in the midst of a storm. …. I want to acknowledge your wisdom, guts, humanity, experience and normality that brings so much wealth to these explorations – you are a true mistress in the marrying of every day experience and deep spiritual diving. I love your fierce commitment, presented again in such a simple way, to the collective and community."

Rosie Perks, Movement Medicine teacher


“Jo holds such a deep safe space. It is rare that I come across anyone willing to do that; holding a nurturing space for thirty people to dive in together and yet each have their own journey, and still feel enough spaciousness in which they can support one another is phenomenal. What a gift you bring to the world. It was magical watching the transformation of some of those I was with unfold and blossom before my eyes."

Steph Bradley - Writer, Poet, Story Teller


“Over the past six years I’ve been dancing every week and I’ve come to realise that nothing else comes close to Conscious Dance Space Totnes on a Monday night. My life has been so enriched by this space. I love the realness, humility, humour and honesty that Jo brings to the space. This gives such permission to bring all of me. Its rare to experience such a deep sense of being welcomed over and over for who I am with complete acceptance and no judgement”

Clíona O Conaill – Open Floor Teacher, Gestalt Counsellor