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This Group is now full, please see EVOLUTIONARY PRESENCE UK / EUROPE for the next group

Dance Your Prayers presents a MOVEMENT MEDICINE Ongoing Group ONLINE 

6 Consecutive Sunday Morning Sessions
USA TIME ZONES: 7am-9am Pacific, 8am-10am Mountain, 9am-11am Central, 10am-12pm Eastern 


Carrie Branovan

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‘Knowing what it is to be dis-empowered and lost in a theater of selves who are afraid, reactive and fixed humbles us and deepens genuine compassion. To recognize and accept these un-owned parts of ourselves that make up our shadow makes it less likely that we will fall under their spell and project their self-fulfilling prophecies onto the world around us .... for the Inner Shaman, life is an ongoing invitation to discover and take responsibility for who we are, both shadow and light.’
--From Shaman, by Ya’acov Darling Khan

We are living through an extraordinary time, a time of great unknowing and a time of profound possibility and potentiality.
For many of us this time is a great mirror to both our innate creativity and resilience, and our inner ‘theater of selves’ that are cut off from our roots and alienated from the wider web of life. Evolutionary Presence will offer a Movement Medicine dance exploration and inquiry into Presence, the Unbroken that infuses each movement. This evolutionary act nurtures our ability to investigate our inner ‘theater of selves’ and to choose to open beyond the pull of these old stories.


Sliding scale of $111-$222 USD for 6 weeks. If you feel called to this offering, and cannot afford the lower end of the sliding scale, please contact us with your circumstances confidentially. 

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