Dec 7-8 Intro. 5 Rhythms Xi'an

Dec 11-15 Women's 5 Rhythms Intensive


Feb 21-23 Guangzhou Conference 

Feb 29-Mar 1 Intro. 5 Rhythms

Jun 17-21 Heart and Emotion 

Jun 24-28 Body Wisdom Dance Training 

Oct 24-25 Intro. 5 Rhythms 

Oct 28-Nov 1 Body Wisdom Dance Training 

Nov 4-8 Heart and Emotion Intensive

I teach in China 3 times a year. I offer 2 day introductions to the 5 Rhythms in various cities. Intros have been offered over the years in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Xiamen, Zhengzou, Bang Bo, Hefei, Ching Dao.

I offer 5 day intensives mostly in Guangzhou - Heart and Emotion, The Soul's Journey and Women's Intensives. 

Starting in 2020 I am delighted to be starting a teacher training in Body Wisdom Dance - my own synthesis emerging out of the teachings that have been most useful in China. This is inspired by 5 Rhythms, Mindfulness, Open Floor, Movement Medicine, Contemplative Enquiry and is informed by current understandings of Body Psychotherapy, Attachment theory, Constellations, Emotional Intelligence and Trauma theory and practice.