Compost and Roses

A Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Elective
March 31st – April 5th 2018


‘If you look deeply at a flower, at its freshness and its beauty, you will see that there is also compost in it, made of garbage. The gardener has the skill to transform this garbage into compost, and with this compost make a flower grow.’  Thich Nhat Hanh from “You Are Here”

The fragrant rose and the compost in which it grows are two sides of the same existence. Composting organic matter becomes the essential fertiliser for the garden. Without one the other cannot be. Everything is in transformation. The rose that wilts after six days will become a part of the compost. After some time the compost is transformed into a rose.

Together we will co-create an alchemical healing space to attend to our personal wounds and the creativity and possibilities inherent in them. In an atmosphere of deepening awareness and compassion, our prayers and intentions will weave a ground of collective focus and a circle of strong support. Through a mix of 1:1 time actively supported by the group, small group work and Movement Medicine practice, our wounds become the compost and fertile soil for the rose of ‘who we are’ to deepen its’ roots and flourish. We become ‘Gardeners’ of our body, heart, mind garden and discover that within our wounds lies our most essential medicine.

Jo is a truly beautiful blend born of her many years of dedicated practice and enquiry. She is wise, funny and a truly unique dancer with a heart of gold and an uncompromising intelligence to match. She’s a force of nature who will stay with you wherever your journey leads. Jo has been an elder of the School of Movement Medicine since 2007. We value the particular wisdom and depth that Jo brings linking the personal, archetypal, and the collective. This elective gives Apprentices a chance to do personal and biographical inner work within an embodied and moving group Movement Medicine context.’ Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan

This retreat is one of the electives for the Apprenticeship and is only open to current Apprentices and those who have completed the Apprenticeship Programme.