The Dances of Life, Cortijo Romero, Spain


We are all born with the freedom to dance, but for many of us this freedom is buried under the demands of everyday life. 5 Rhythms dance is both a simple and profound medicine that gets us out of our heads and into our body and feet, offering a pathway to deeper self-awareness, acceptance, healing, creativity, sensuality, playfulness, openness and reconnection to our self and to each other.

During this course we will learn to listen to trust our body more fully, surrendering bit by bit to its unique dance. We will discover our body loves to dance and most probably find ourselves making moves we never knew we could make. Through the dance we release patterns and learn to transform undigested emotions into creative lighter energy.

There will be space for sharing experiences, massage, writing, meditations, visualization, and laughter. A great sense of support and connection opens as we witness, and are touched by each other. What you bring will also weave with our journey and there may be time for some individual attention. No previous dance experience is required.

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