Other 5 Rhythms Teachers and Classes

Gabrielle Roth and 5 Rhythms Teachers Worldwide
Moving Center School – California
A Call to Dance – Sue Rickards and All London Classes
Dancing Tao – Christian de Sousa, London
Humans Being – Cathy Ryan, London
Sue Kuhn – Bath

Other Movement Work

School of Movement Medicine – Susannah and Ya’acov Darling Khan
Dancing Shapes – Rosie Perks, Totnes 
Movement of Being – Fanny Behrens and Colin Harrison, Totnes
Soul Wave – David and Julie Rose, Cornwall
Barefoot Dance Community – Exeter 

Soundtracks for Dance/Movement home practice

Ecstasy Radio with Christian de Sousa

Totnes Community Connections

Creative Community Devon – Community Events Website
Transition Town Totnes
Encounters – Creative Community Engagement
Story Weaving – Steph Bradley

Inspiring Connections

The Work That Reconnects – Joanna Macy
Transition Network
Earth Dreamers
Thomas Hubl
Barbara Marx Hubbard – Evolutionary Spirituality
Integral Movement – Ken Wilber