Radio and Audio


A new program from the wonderful story teller Steph Bradley on Devon’s loved Sound Art radio – an interview with me starting 10 minutes in with some stories from my work in China.

Sound Art Radio Interview With Steph Bradley


A whole program about the 5 Rhythms Dance Space, Totnes Community brilliantly woven together by Alice Armstrong and broadcast on Soundart Radio on 19/9/12. Thank you Alice and all who speak ………

5 Rhythms Dance Space by Alice Armstrong.

A gorgeous story from Steph Bradley about Totnes in this time of Transition and in particular about the 5 Rhythms Dance Space community 16.45 minutes into the recoding. Thank you Steph for another great tale of The Great Turning………

A Solstice Tale with Steph Bradley.

A unique interview with Gabrielle Roth by Sound True on her journey with cancer

Dancing with Cancer