Transition Spaces


In the last three years I have been exploring ways of bringing my process and facilitation skills into wider contexts relating to the question of ‘How we can vision and co-create a thriving, socially just and sustainable society’ . I have offered trainings on Personal Resilience in Challenging Times and The Work That Reconnects to Transition Town Totnes, and Conflict Fundamentals to Transition Network staff.

I have also had the opportunity to learn masses through co-shaping and co-facilitating the international Transition Network Conferences in 2011 and 2012, using facilitation technologies such as Fishbowl debates, Open Space, Future Search, Mappings, Process Work, weaving creativity into group process and The Work That Reconnects.

Through this work I have deepened my understanding of the principles of personal and community relational resilience; diversity; the destructive potency of unconscious rank and privilege; the power of good facilitation and effective facilitation structures to help groups effectively self-organise; the deep positive effects that arise through creating ‘safe’ spaces for groups to enquire into, and reflect upon, unconscious, collective dynamics around power, defensive self-protection, victimhood etc; the power of collective, creative visioning and aligning with an empowered sense of responsibility and capacity to co-create the human culture we wish to see and be a part of.


“Jo Hardy has been a key part of the facilitation team for the last 2 years’ Transition Network conference.  She has brought tremendous skill, empathy and focus to the role, and has played a key role in making them life-changing, extraordinary events for those attending.  As a member of the team, she is a great listener and team player, bringing a great ability to connect with a group where they’re at at that moment.  I would recommend her to anyone.”  

Rob Hopkins – Co-Founder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network

“Jo brought her calm, wise and humorous style to an audience of around 300 when she co-facilitated the overall structure at the international Transition Network conference in 2011 and again in 2012. She is able to translate deep understandings about how individuals, relationships and groups work into simple and accessible structures which reveal useful and sometimes profound truths and insights for many participants. With Nick Osborne she co-designed and co-facilitated an engaging and elegant group enquiry process where all conference attendees explored what group culture was like for them – the challenges encountered, and what a positive group environment would include. She also coordinated teams of facilitators and workshop leaders to provide a varied programme of Inner Transition workshops. We had a lot of great feedback about the miracle of creating such an effective process on a huge topic for a large group – and generally about the ease and warmth of Jo’s style.”

Sophy Banks – Transition Network and co-founder of Transition Town Totnes Inner Transition Group