The Way of Change


A Freedom Dance Weekend
September 28th – 30th 2018
Novosibirsk, Russia

The Way of Change is a part of the FreedomDANCE LifeLine series in which we get familiar with our personal history, honour the path that we have travelled and to get ready for the things to come. Change is an intrinsic part of life and exploration of the process of Change will be the focus of this workshop:

• Which events have changed our lives dramatically?
• How can we learn and use the lessons from the crises that we’ve been through?
• What is it that life is preparing us for? Who are we becoming?
• What are our internal resources and where can we find support to face the challenges that we are destined to have?

The freedomDANCE cycle of Opening, Transformation and Freedom will support our journey. Moments of meditation, creativity in various forms and sharing with each other will support us. The workshop will be taught in English and Russian. For more information contact Bhaskar.