5 Rhythms Workshops in China and Taiwan


5 Rhythms Dance is a dynamic free movement meditation, rooted in both ecstatic dance and awareness practice.To dance is catalytic, medicine for our soul. The patterns that hold us in limitation and separation, personally and collectively, are deeply embedded in our bodies, hearts and relationships. To invite dance, movement and awareness as a practice can profoundly open our bodies, hearts and minds to the nourishment of ecstasy. It can deepen our ability to see into ‘things as they are’, and wake us up from personal and cultural trance of patterned limitation. What emerges is greater freedom, the capacity to listen, compassion for ourselves and each other, fluidity of movement, increased openness, a deepening sense of connectedness in body, heart and soul emerge. We are so much more than everyday life has us believe.

Schedule for 2017

5 Rhythms : An Introduction – September 2nd – 3rd, Shenzhen
Heart and Emotion – September 6th – 10th, Guangzhou
5 Rhythms : An Introduction – September 16th – 17th, Shenyang
5 Rhythms : An Introduction –  September 23rd – 24th, Ahui
5 Rhythms : An Introduction – November 25th – 26th, location TBD
Standing in your Power – November 30th – December 4th, Guangzhou
        Movement and Voice – a collaboration with Sarah Warwick
5 Rhythms : An Introduction – December 9th – 10th, Wuhan