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Body Wisdom Dance Core Skills Supervision Group: Text

Supervision Group

Last offered inn English and Russian 2021
If you would like to organise another you are welcome to connect

About the group

This embodied supervision group will offer a context to support you to thrive personally and professionally and deepen your competence, confidence and integrity. Through collaborative and dynamic inquiry we will weave a safe group relational space where we can reflect kindly and honestly at case studies and issues arising in your work. I aim to support you to bring as much of yourself and your work as possible - achievements, break-though’s, hot moments, stuck places, and challenges as we explore themes, find fresh perspectives and new possibilities. Supporting your wellbeing, sense of confidence and appreciating your deepening skill is central to taking new risks.


I enjoy working in creative embodied ways and will bring maps, inquiries and skills from both psychotherapy (relational-integrative, process-oriented, embodied, somatic, trauma informed, psycho-spiritual, humanistic, transpersonal) and conscious dance (5 Rhythms, Open Floor, Movement Medicine) from my 30 years of experience.

This group will embrace the overlap between personal and professional development aim to find a good balance between the two. We will share our work and case examples with an emphasis on experiential learning which naturally opens opportunities to discuss therapeutic perspectives, theory and practice across the modalities.

This group will offer you a space :

  • To come together with peers and Jo’s expert supervision, share case studies, be heard, get resourced and find creative solutions, in an open informal atmosphere.

  • To extend your ability to include the body, practice dynamic creative ways of working and expand creative possibilities.

  • To develop your proficiency in working with shame, power, authority, difference and diversity

  • To learn to embrace whole-heartedly the difficulties, paradoxes, shadow aspects and complexities of the therapeutic process.

  • To explore challenges with your groups and community dynamics as a conscious movement teacher.

  • To explore transference-countertransference dynamics.

  • To explore and extend responses to conflict and resistance.

  • To pay attention to clients / groups non-verbal communication and unconscious processes.

  • To support you to clarify your goals, purpose and responsibilities.

  • To witness each-other’s work, safely share doubts and insecurities and attend to our emotional responses.

  • To attend to questions of how you sustain yourself personally in work that can be very demanding


Is this group for me?

  • You are a practicing counsellor, psychotherapist, coach, supervisor, embodiment trainer / facilitator or healthcare professional from any modality / background OR
    You are a practicing conscious dance / movement teacher from any modality / orientation.

  • You have a curiosity and interest in expanding your way of working to include more embodiment, body awareness, process-orientation, relational ways of working stretching beyond the therapeutic approach you originally trained in.

  • You wish to extend and deepen your competence and experience in a diversity of modalities, orientations and styles.

  • You feel interested in learning from the diversity within the group will be valued for your creative intelligence and inspiration.

  • This is not a replacement for ongoing regular supervision. It should be considered continuing professional development to deepen and enhance your practice. 


About Jo

I am an experienced UKCP psychotherapist, supervisor, group facilitator, trainer and and accredited conscious dance teacher in 5 Rhythms, Open Floor, Movement Medicine. My psychotherapy and coaching work spans 30 years and conscious dance 18 years. Since 1995 I have been supervising psychotherapists in various contexts 1:1, small groups, psychotherapy training groups. I have been supervising conscious dance teachers since 2009.

My approach relational-integrative, process-oriented, embodied, somatic, trauma informed, psycho-spiritual, humanistic, transpersonal. It is informed by mindfulness and awareness practice, body psychotherapy and many years of facilitating / teaching conscious dance workshops and classes internationally.

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