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‘Between 'what was' and 'what will be' there is a vast space called Now.

It is your true home.” - Jeff Foster


Evolutionary Presence will be an immersive Movement Medicine dance journey. An exploration of relaxing into Presence in each movement moment as an evolutionary act that nurtures our ability to open beyond the pull of ‘what was’ and the hope of ‘what will be’. To move with, accept, and open deeply into this moment, already perfect, nowhere to go, nothing to change.

At the same time, we are evolution becoming conscious, players with the power to intentionally engage our inner dancing warrior. Choosing to root deeply into our, body, heart and mind with curiosity, love, tenderness and mindful precision allows us to investigate and move with all that arises - the playful, the wild, the passionate, the undigested and the disconnected.

We are alive at a time of great speed, deep divisions and polarization. Leaving many of us feeling cut off from our roots and alienated from the wider web of life, these dynamics of our culture reflect in our inner worlds. Each of us is being called to become a force for creative healing and change. Evolutionary Presence offers a space to connect to the life energy moving through you, to deepen your capacity for radical acceptance and to develop your capacity to be a courageous, dancing warrior as an evolutionary and radical act.

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