March 20 – 22, 2020

‘Between 'what was' and 'what will be' there is a vast space called Now.

It is your true home.” - Jeff Foster

We are alive at a time of great speed, deep divisions, alienation and polarization. The resulting disconnection from the natural unity of our body, heart and mind can leave us cut off from our roots and cut off from our capacity to connect to our self, each other and the wider web of life. Self-criticism, lack of self-love, disorientation and inner emptiness weave in our inner and outer landscapes.

A deep longing is growing in many of us to widen our perspective, connect to the reality of our inter-connectedness and open beyond perceived limitations into the vast space of Now, of deep Presence. From this wider perspective, we can awaken to our power and potential as co-creators, capable of evolving our collective brokenness towards a sustainable culture of well-being in ‘right’ relationship with the web of life.

This weekend will be an immersive dance journey, deeply informed by Movement Medicine practice, that promises sweat, wild and tender dances, laughter and sweet challenging moments. We will practice rooting deeply into our body and heart and opening into Presence in each movement moment as an evolutionary act that supports us to step through and beyond the wounds of inner and outer persecution, victimisation and addiction, into a landscape of compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and a deep capacity to be with the moment as it is.