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A Movement Medicine Intensive Retreat with Jo Hardy 

Re-Claim the past. Fall in love with the present. Re-Create the future.

Our perception of life is shaped by our past experiences and by the meaning we make from them about ourselves, about each other and about life. These stories we tell ourself re-trigger wounds, evoke feelings and create moods, a process of re-creation that repeatedly reconfirms our contracted self-perception. During this workshop we will learn the Movement Medicine SEER (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval) Process, a powerful and effective tool to reclaim energy stuck in the past and expand our self-sense. 


The 5 elements and their associated medicine archetypes of Healer, Dancing Warrior, Wise Elder and Curious Fool will support our journey. As we evolve our capacity to listen to things as they are, investigate our experience, stay curious, and be kind, we learn to dance with everything. Liberating our perception from this trance of the past enables us to naturally fall in love with the Great Mystery of this moment, take our place in the greater circle of life and more fully engage in the creative project of bringing our personal and collective dreams to earth. 


During this workshop you will :-

  • Deepen your relationship with the creative power of the dancer inside you.

  • Resource deeply in the dance of the 5 Elements.

  • Discover the medicine archetypes of Healer, Dancing Warrior, Wise Elder and Curious Fool.

  • Learn the Movement Medicine S.E.E.R (systemic essential energy retrieval) process, a powerful tool for transforming self-limiting stories into a source of strength and inspiration 

  • Reclaim life energy from the wounds of the past, expanding your perception into a more dynamic, creative, love-filled sense of self.

  • Take back your power to embrace your soul dreams and re-create your future

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