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A Movement Medicine Weekend 

“Slowly but surely, carefully but fiercely, deliberately but radiantly we will find ourselves sharing in the same circle of understanding, abiding in the eye of spirit, dancing in the freedom of the whole, expressed in all its parts.” - Ken Wilbur

Evolutionary Heart will be an immersive Conscious Dance enquiry into the nature of open heartedness. Our deep desire for love, mutuality, intimacy and acceptance are part of what makes us human. We long for this, and yet we often encounter edges where fear, blame and shame habitually pull us back from the aliveness of authentic connection, into the aloneness of our own private story.

On the path to discover Love as the radical basis of our existence, each movement moment is a fresh opportunity for us as ‘Lover of all things as Beloved’, to become increasingly transparent and open-hearted to our self and each other.Through the transformative power of the dance and heart enquiry we will :

  • Set free the creative dancer inside us to embrace the relational moment with fresh energy, presence, curiosity and kindness.

  • Explore the aliveness and potential of spontaneous co-creation, as we fall into 10,000 dances, alone and together.

  • Witness the beauty of each-others soul radiance, unveiled as we dance.

  • Open a new dimension of interpersonal presence as we evolve our hearts capacity meet each other with authenticity, vulnerability and transparency.

  • Move and alchemise some of our personal and collective relational shadows through the practice of The Four Chambers of The Heart.

    A vibrant and interconnected sense of WE opens beyond our separateness, to re-weave a higher potential of love, mutuality, intelligence and awakeness.

Contact & Info : Jo Hardy 

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