Philadelphia, USA

We co-create with the universe, the more creative our participation the more creative the universe andThe Great Mystery become.To live in the universe of creative becoming, what honour and what responsibility” - Chris Cleave

Conscious, creative becoming means sailing at the edge of not-knowing rather than contracting back into our fears and insecurities. It means developing an open, curious buoyancy that supports us to go where our heart has a yes, where we follow what we love, and we embody our deepest values.

During this weekend we will deepen our relationship to this process of becoming. How are we with facing into this not-knowing? Where do fear, doubt or control kick in? What unique gifts and potentials are in bud or blossoming? We will dance and dance. See and be seen. Tenderly reveal the whispers of our hearts. And practice loving and seeing our seemingly small contributions, as our unique part of a co-creative blossoming of life’s becoming through us.