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A Movement Medicine Intensive Retreat


The Journey of Empowerment is a powerful initiation into the core practices of Movement Medicine. The intention of this journey is to align the body, heart and mind and awaken the vertical axis, your own ‘hotline to spirit.’ When the three strands of your physical-emotional-mental intelligence are awake, balanced, and aligned, the light of the soul can shine through.

We will work with a variety of tools to assist you on this path, including dance and movement, trance and repetition, embodiment practices, compassionate inquiry, sharing and poetry. Together, we will consciously create a strong and sacred circle, an oasis of mutual trust and respect in which each participant is supported to blossom in their own unique way.

Presented by Jo Hardy, The Journey of Empowerment welcomes you to take this deep dive into the power of Movement Medicine.


  • Be supported to welcome yourself as you are, learning the yin power of presence, being and acceptance

  • Be challenged and invited to stretch into the next steps on your life journey through embracing the yang energy of growth and change

  • Free the body and awaken your inner dancer through intensive movement medicine practice and remember your capacity for natural ecstasy

  • Free the heart through the practice of the four chambers of the heart to develop your connection to your emotional body

  • Learn to work with the power of the mind to gain greater awareness of your inner process and release unconscious patterns and old habits of fear.

  • Learn how to connect with the natural world and the four elements as allies, calling on them to create a sacred circle of protection and support.

  • Remember your personal power, purpose and and ‘medicine’ offering to the world, through contact with meta-levels of awareness from which you receive guidance

  • Allow yourself to be held and transformed in the crucible of the ceremonial space and deepen your compassionate relationship with your self, others and life

  • Develop a personal daily practice which supports your life journey.

The Journey of Empowerment is for anyone who feels ready to commit themselves to developing their potential through movement and embodied inquiry. It is for those who wish to learn to use Movement Medicine as a transformative and empowering practice to bring the life of the dance into the dance of life. It is important that you have enough inner and outer support to allow the inevitable changes that will be catalysed by our work to be a positive force in your life.

All ages and abilities can benefit from this course.

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