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A weekend of Conscious Dance & Inquiry

‘Leave everything undefined, including yourself.

Befriend uncertainty.  Fall in love with mystery.

Kneel at the altar of not knowing. Give your questions time to breathe.

The answers will find you.’

Jeff Foster


These days life seems to be inviting us to embrace many edges. The ground is regularly shaking under our feet, any longing we have to control life is being seriously challenged! Edges of fear, mistrust and ‘I am rightness’, places where we pull back into old ways and positions, and evolutionary edges inviting us into a deeper intimacy with ourselves, the great mystery and the web of life.


Evolutionary edges are by nature undefined, uncertain and full of questions. At these edges we meet ancient survival patterns, layers of personal and collective stories of pain and undigested trauma. We also meet a unique opportunity to befriend and take these edges as sacred medicine teachers, a pathway to radical transformation. Each time we listen, embrace, and soften beyond an edge, a deeper sense of embodied Presence opens. Conscious dance offers us so many dynamic ways to resource and remain curious. What edges are you with? Come dance ….. During this weekend we will 

  • Awaken our inner dancer to embrace the next unpredictable movement moment with fresh aliveness, presence and kindness.

  • Share and be moved together to awaken a dynamic embodied experience of connection.

  • Practice grounding, moving and relaxing whilst embracing our edges.

  • Explore and play with old survival patterns through movement.

  • Alchemise some of the emotional charge that our wounds and differences hold.

  • Embrace vulnerability and open beyond our edges with others, into a new dimension of love, mutuality and awakeness.

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 13.24.49.png
Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 13.24.49.png
Embracing the Edge: Text
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