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6 Consecutive 2.5hr Evening Sessions

Last offered - November '21 - February '22 

If you would like to organise another you are welcome to connect


‘Knowing what it is to be dis-empowered and lost in a theater of selves who are afraid, reactive and fixed humbles us and deepens genuine compassion. To recognize and accept these un-owned parts of ourselves that make up our shadow makes it less likely that we will fall under their spell and project their self-fulfilling prophecies onto the world around us .... for the Inner Shaman, life is an ongoing invitation to discover and take responsibility for who we are, both shadow and light.’
--From Shaman, by Ya’acov Darling Khan

We are living through an extraordinary time, a time of great unknowing and a time of profound possibility and potentiality. For many of us this time is a great mirror to both our innate creativity and resilience, and our inner ‘theater of selves’ that are cut off from our roots and alienated from the wider web of life.


Evolutionary Presence will offer a Movement Medicine dance exploration and inquiry into Presence, the Unbroken that infuses each movement. This evolutionary act nurtures our ability to investigate our inner ‘theater of selves’ and to choose to open beyond the pull of these old stories.


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▪ Deepen your ability to awaken your Dancer / Hero / Alchemist, who has the power to intentionally engage your inner Creative Dancing Warrior, the one who can learn to dance with everything including the unloved and marginalized. 

▪ Open deeply into each movement moment with profound compassion, and to recognize we are already perfect, nowhere to go, nothing to change. 

▪ Root deeply into your, body, heart and mind with curiosity, love, tenderness and mindful precision. 

▪ Discovering a medicine map of essential Elemental archetypes - earth, fire, water, air and ether—to Investigate and play with embodying their energies and dances as a deep source of nourishment and resource. 

▪ Receive support and guidance to dance and inquire into the four archetypal presences that make up the inner vicious circle - Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer and Hungry Ghost that collectively compose our survival self at the center of this vicious circle. 

▪ Inquire into the four archetypal presences that make up the Inner Medicine circle: The Dancing Warrior, the Dancing Fool, the Wise Elder and the Wounded Healer, that collectively compose our Inner Shaman at the center of this Medicine Circle. 

▪ Connect to the life energy moving through you, to deepen your capacity for radical acceptance and to develop our capacity to be a courageous, dancing warrior. 



▪ An intimate and safe space for you to explore the power of movement and the healing of connection. 

▪ A clear grounding in Movement Medicine dance practice that will enable you to grow resources, find courage, strengthen your roots and discover the deep healing that is possible through shared Movement Medicine practice and inquiry. 

▪ A committed group in which we will co-create and evolve a compassionate, grounded, welcoming container, that will support us to share from the heart, inquire deeply into our own embodied experience and discover support. 

▪ A space to reconnect to what is important to you and to give you the space to inquire into the ways you hold back, contract and lose your ground. 

▪ Insight to support you to awaken more deeply to your potential as a creative being, to dream big and to discover more of your innate power to manifest your personal dreams and contribution in a supportive community to journey together. 

▪ A pre-recorded talk ahead of each session. 



WEEK 1 Awaken your Inner Dancer / Hero / Alchemist who holds a deep awareness of the ground of Presence - the great Unbroken Mystery and who knows all things are creative material for evolution. Open your understanding of the composition of the survival self and a bird’s eye understanding of the Vicious and Medicine circles. Tree of Life Practice | For grounding, cultivation of presence in body, heart, mind and deepening relationship with the archetypes of Yin and Yang. Awakening the Dancer Practice - For connection, expression and awakening the capacity to dance with all that arises. 


WEEK 2: Dance the Element of Earth, explore its qualities, dances and embodiment. Awaken the medicine archetype of The Wounded Healer who can activate qualities of compassion, deep acceptance and welcome to all that arises. An inner culture of nurture allows us to grow the confidence to know and love who we are. Investigate the shadow quality of The Hungry Ghost, the addict who can never fill the empty hole within and the toxic shame stories we carry deep in the fabric of our body. 


WEEK 3: Dance the Element of Fire, explore its qualities, dances and embodiment. Awaken the medicine archetype of The Dancing Warrior who knows the courage to face the unknown with focus and passion. The one who can activate a sense of our own circle and healthy boundaries. Investigate the shadow quality of The Persecutor, the one who unrelentingly blames others and /or our-self. The voice of our inner critic / super-ego that perpetuates our inner war where we can never rest in deep forgiveness and acceptance. 


WEEK 4: Dance the Element of Water, explore its qualities, dances and embodiment. Awaken the medicine archetype of The Dancing Fool, the power to fully embrace the opportunity of the moment with radical creativity, playfulness, sensuality, fascination. Investigate the shadow quality of The Victim, the sense of inner powerlessness where we keep ourselves small and impotent in self-limiting stories. 


WEEK 5: Dance the Element of Air, explore its qualities, dances and embodiment. Awaken the medicine archetype of The Wise Elder who witnesses all of life’s happenings with the love and patience, sitting in the depths of our heart, expressed as wisdom, grown through all the ups and downs of life. Investigate the shadow quality of The Rescuer, the one within who feels a need to support others as a way of avoiding looking within and facing their own wounds. 


WEEK 6: We will integrate all we have learned and experienced to cultivate creative responses to the opportunities and challenges we face at this time. We will see how both the Medicine and Vicious circles co-arise and operate in a dance that once seen with evolutionary clarity can free us to rest into Presence allowing all that arises to be as it is, whilst we have the power to creatively and courageously meet life as it happens in all its unpredictability. 

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