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Last offered in 2021

If you would like to organise another you are welcome to connect



“We co-create with the universe, the more creative our participation the more creative the universe and The Great Mystery becomes. To live in the universe of creative becoming, what honor and what responsibility.” - Chris Cleave

How can we deepen our ability to be in a co-creative relationship with The Great Mystery, to listen more attentively to the whisper of our heart dreams, and to follow no matter what we encounter on the road? Conscious, creative becoming means sailing at the edge of not-knowing rather than contracting back into our fears and insecurities. It means developing an open, curious buoyancy that supports us to go where our heart has a yes, where we follow what we love and we embody our deepest values.

Through Movement Medicine practice we will deepen our relationship to this process of the art of becoming, open our minds to receive new inspiration and reclaim our self as a co-creator with life. We will dance and dance, see and be seen, tenderly reveal the whispers of our hearts and explore heart enquiry questions such as: -

  • How do we face into the unknown whilst relaxing into our self ‘as we are’? 

  • Where do fear, doubt or control kick in?

  • What qualities and capacities support conscious, creative becoming?

  • What unique gifts and potentials are blossoming within?

  • What is our unique contribution to the co-creative flow of life?

Live zoom sessions +

6 pre-recorded video talks


The Art of Becoming - ONLINE: Text


Week 1 - Starting Out


Encountering the ground of Unbroken Presence

Learning to rest in Being - no place to go nothing to do …..

Compassion and unconditional friendliness as crucial qualities

Embracing an Attitude of - Gratitude, acceptance, yin, receiving our being as we are

The concept and art of the dancer 

The importance of Personal practice

MM Practices - 

Awakening the dancer - Loving embodiment 

Tree of life - Centring and grounding 

Yin witnessing - how to develop deep acceptance, self-love and self-kindness

Setting up a personal practice 


Week 2 - Self-Assessment

Embracing an Attitude of - intention, yang, becoming, evolution, co-creativity

The art of personal inquiry - the power of awareness and interoception 

Self-assessment / personal inventory - what are our natural qualities, skills, listening to and naming the longings of my heart. 

Personal Integrity as an ongoing challenge as we live in a world that often can seem so out of integrity. What are my core values?

Understanding the power of appreciation of self and other


MM Practices - 

The art of the dancer - Deepening self-awareness and interoception

The dance of Yin and Yang 

Witnessing and learning to give appreciative feedback


Week 3 - Seeing through Our Story of Self limitation

Getting to know our ‘wound’ story and associated self limiting core beliefs.

How our self limiting core beliefs ‘shape’ the world we ‘see’ leading to a tendency to polarize and compromising our ability to see the other as ‘another myself’.

Understanding the nature of our human nervous system and how we often habitually act from survival mode / self-protection.

Learning self-regulation of our nervous system.

How we shift ‘being in survival mode’ by learning to awaken the dancer and witness within to support the evolution of a state of resource, relaxation, generative co-creativity and inclusion.


MM Practices - 

Mesa Practice

The art of the dancer - Developing curiosity

Understanding basics of stepping in and out of parts of our process

Pendulation (from Somatic Experiencing) - self regulation


Week 4 - Including our Despair / Grief and anger as Creative Compost

How to meet, name, inquire into, welcome and include our very real emotions

Discover our emotions as a source of creative energy.

Seeing through some of the shadows of our times - self judgement, a constant sense of lack, loneliness and separation.
We ‘become’ within the context of the circles of life. Learning to see the other as ‘self’ and understanding the role of our nervous system in the essential practice of co-regulation with others for our happiness and wholeness.


MM Practices - 

4 elements as resource

The Dancer as a warrior who can make creative dances of all things including our emotions

Heart dialogue - relational co-regulation

Week 5 -  A new vantage point

How to vision our fuller future self in such changing and challenging times

What unique gifts and potentials are blossoming within me?

The art of becoming more of who we are in service to the evolution of human culture and ‘right’ relationship with all beings.

The art of staying buoyant, curious, awake and co-creative rather than collapsed / in despair when things are changing so rapidly and often seemingly for the worse

How to rest in not knowing when our survival self seeks certainty - understanding The nature of Bardo and the natural transformational cycles of death and rebirth 


MM Practices - 

Timeline visioning of Future search + shadow digestion of some of our emotions and contractions

The dancer - finding ever more ground sourced in the unbroken


Week 6 - Going Forth supported by life

The humility and wisdom of gathering support where needed - the time of the lone wolf is over!

How many of us tend to be chronically unsupported and the limitations and consequence of this

What are my resources? Where would i do well to gather support?

Practice not contracting back into self-limitation when faced with challenges as we take brave steps

What do I value, want to serve and protect in service of life?

Personal Intentions, learnings and creative responses to the opportunities and challenges we face at this time.

MM Practices - 

Integration of our learning and practice 

What is my unique contribution to the co-creative flow of life? My unique gift to the world of tomorrow?


• You will need you to commit to attend all 6 sessions to the best of your ability so that we can create a safe and stable container and others in your small group can depend on your presence. Each of us is an important element of this constellation.

• The Art of Becoming is accredited and applicable to School of Movement Medicine hours (12) if you decide to pursue this practice more deeply in the future.

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