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Summer Dance Retreat

July 14 - 20, 2024


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Willemijn de Dreu, Jo Hardy, Thierry Francois, Arun Ji, Samuel Lettier

5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Open Floor, Movement Medicine, Cacao Ceremony,

Feldenkrais, Somatic Movement, Contact Improv, body work Meditations and more …

We welcome you to our third uplifting annual gathering to dance with a wonderful group of 65 people and 5 teachers for 6 days …. We are a highly experienced team of trauma informed, conscious dance, ecstatic dance and somatic practitioners who love each other and delight in co-creating a safe, connecting, drop in deep Dance and Movement Retreat.


RADICAL EMBODIMENT will be a joyful retreat, nourishing and uplifting, a celebration of life in all its forms, with all its challenges. A wild and tender mix of dance, movement and somatic workshops, time in nature, time together and time for yourself.


The workshops offered at RADICAL EMBODIMENT will invite us into deeper embodiment - into rootedness, into the aliveness and flow of our body, into feeling at home in our own skin. Our capacity to truly connect to the sensations and emotions of our body enables us to open into an awareness of the present moment; we soften, de-armour, and embrace a sense of interconnection with all of life.


RADICAL EMBODIMENT will invite us into a radical shift from the momentum of stress and lack, into an inner smile. A shift that nourishes our natural longing to take our place and offer our gifts, to the challenges of our times.


  • A take time to take space to recharge

  • A time to be immersed in nature and heart-full connection

  • A time to dance, play and dance some more

  • A time to let our challenges relax and release back to nature

  • A time to realign with our soul priorities



A team of highly experienced teachers from around Europe will offer an eclectic mix

Willemijn de Dreu - 5Rhythms, OpenFloor, Systemic Constellations

Thierry Francois - 5 Rhythms

Jo Hardy - 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine, OpenFloor, Amerta Movement

Arun Ji - Ecstatic Dance, Active Meditations, Cacao Ceremony

Samuel Lettier - Feldenkrais, Contact Improv., Partner Dance Body Work


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