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A deep longing is emerging in many of us to be more in touch with the natural world, with ourselves, others and community. We all have biases that shape the ways we see, feel and experience life. From the way we hold ourselves to how much space we take up, our body is constantly sending messages about who we are, how we are in relation to the world and how we imagine the world ‘should be’.


During this weekend we will invite the magic of dance, sharing and ritual, to support us in coming home to our bodies, to deepen our capacity to be more open to the movement moment, explore our biases, play with shifting positions, and meet others from greater openness. Relaxing more fully into our own imperfections brings compassion to our fears and vulnerabilities and deepens our capacity to embrace both ours and others uniqueness and diversity. Learning to more fully wonder at it all, we come home to our shared humanity.


The dance is a deep teacher and medicine. Opening us again and again to listen with curiosity and respond to the moment with authenticity and freshness.

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