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We have the capacity to be a Lover of all things, our experience, our shadow, each other and all beings; all as Beloved. On the path to discover Love as the radical basis of our existence, each moment is a fresh choice to open and embrace or to pull away.

A powerful collective impulse is arising to explore openness and transparency in relationship with each other, to re-weave the relational container of community and to discover how to live as Lover, in connected, responsive relationship with all beings as Beloved.

Through conscious dance practice rooted in 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine, and sharing through Mindful Enquiry we will:

  • Deepen our capacity to embrace the relational moment with presence, curiosity, kindness and openness.

  • Develop our competency to be vulnerable and transparent in relationship with each other.

  • Enquire into the structures that habitually pull us out of contact and relationship.

  • Explore collective, cultural shadows such as shame, addictions, and self-hatred.

  • Co-dream how we can create communities that foster our natural capacity to love and live in harmony with all beings.

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