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Movement Medicine Dance Journey w/ Jo Hardy

Burlington, Vermont

May 17 - 19 2024

The Way of the Dancing Warrior will be an immersive Movement Medicine Dance Journey taking us through an uplifting embodied exploration of the foundational practices of Movement Medicine - awakening the dancer, the five elements, the five dimensions and a deep dive into the potent archetype of The Dancing Warrior whose perspective and energy allows us to surrender some of our resistance and fight. Learning to trust and open to the unpredictable flow of our experience we find a fuller yes to ‘the dance of life’ in all its colours.


  • The dance of the five elements supports us to ground, center and reconnect to a sense of place in the web of life, and resource in natural Presence. 

  • The medicine of the Dancing Warrior supports us to widen our experience beyond our busy minds and deepen our capacity to meet each embodied moment. 

  • The perspective of The Dancing Warrior supports us to cultivate deep listening, spacious witnessing, open curiosity, courage and fierce compassion.


Movement Medicine is a creative, embodied conscious dance / movement practice that reconnects us to the joy of embodied presence, the wisdom of living from the heart and the satisfaction of making our unique soul contribution to life. No previous Movement Medicine experience is required.

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