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Weekdays 9 - 10 am

With Rosie Perks on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

With Jo Hardy on Tuesday, Thursday

A simple, guided, morning practice dance, designed to support us to drop In, and meet the day, centred, grounded, embodied and awake. Rosie and Jo will offer light guidance and multi-genre inspirational music to guide our journey into welcoming who we are, and how we are today. No special skills, no steps to follow, all welcome.


Full Price, 1 class: £6

Lower Income, 1 class: £4

Full Income, block of 10: £40

Lower Income, block of 10: £30

If you are unable to pay the concession price and feel drawn to these sessions please contact either of us directly. 

If you feel moved to contribute more than the full price to support someone unable to pay, you can make your own donation directly by bank transfer to the Daybreak account.


Rosie Perks: /

Jo Hardy: /


  • We will use an easy-to-use platform called Zoom which can be accessed from computer, iPad or iPhone. 

  • If you have a computer, choose that over the iPad or iPhone, not only will the sound be better but also you can see more of others in the class.

  • If you are new to Zoom please do watch this introductory video

  • You can download Zoom here

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