A warm welcome to Conscious Dance Space the work of Jo Hardy.

This body of work is rooted in conscious dance / movement practice – specifically 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Open Floor, mindfulness and embodied enquiry. It is underpinned by an appreciation of depth enquiry into personal and collective stories in the spheres of self, relationship and community, alongside the principles of conscious evolution. The work is oriented to unleashing personal and collective creativity and awakening beyond the stories we can get so bogged down in.

I believe we are increasingly coming together to participate in The Great Turning from one era into another; planetary crises and abundant creativity coming together to hopefully birth a transition towards an increasingly awakened, thriving and fulfilling, sustainable and socially just conscious global community. The workshops, classes, community dances rituals and group processes attempt to explore questions :-

  • How can we co-vision and co-create a culture that supports well-being and harmonious relations with all beings?
  • How can we ‘be the change’ we wish to see, opening to a deeper and richer participation?
  • What is required of us personally and collectively to embrace this challenge?
  • How can dance / movement practice and enquiry support us in this collective shift?
  • What is the role of community and coming together in circles of support?

Here is a little video of a Totnes Monday evening class, July 2014, that gives some flavour of the dance.