Core Skills ONLINE In English and Russian

6 Consecutive sessions 

January 31st  - March 8th, 2021

6 Consecutive Sunday’s : 12.00 - 15.00 Russia / 9.00 - 12.00 UK / 10.00 - 13.00 CET 


‘The thing about the signals coming from the body is that it is non-biased, neutral information. It's not trying to sell you anything or tell you what you want to hear, it's simply looking out for you and only you. So by default it really is the most trustworthy source for what will set you up for ultimate vibrancy and aliveness.’ Cara Carin Cifelli

Body Wisdom Dance Core Skills Introduction welcomes psychotherapists, coaches, facilitators, body workers, embodiment teachers (e.g. yoga teachers). It will offer an introduction to conscious dance plus many inspirations and ideas to enhance existing therapeutic skills for both clients and group work. 

Our body speaks to us all the time in the most precise and intelligent ways. Yet its language is radically different to that of our mind, expressing its wisdom through the language of posture, sensations, embodied felt sense, body tensions and symptoms, the ways we inhabit space, through body tone - aliveness, numbness, collapse or over activation. Through the dance we can explore somatic patterns that express as shapes, rhythms and the unfolding choreography of our movements. 


Карен Тер-Мартиросян - termartirosyan@gmail.com



Sliding scale. If you feel called to this offering, and cannot afford the lower end of the sliding scale, please contact us with your circumstances confidentially. 



Week 1 - Foundations - Coming home to the body

Laying the ground of our work together, the basic concepts of the transformational nature of conscious dance will be introduced. We will consider what it is to be embodied, how we 

become more embodied, why breath is so important and the nature of embodied presence. We will learn how to bring the mind back into the body through movement and embodied awareness, how to tune into and follow the natural body movements and how to expand our breath.

Week 2 - Grounding, Centring and Embodied Awareness

The ability to access an empowered, embodied sense of self is key to resilience, living a creative, embodied life, and acts as a basic ground for healthy relationships with others. We will consider what it means to develop a sense of ‘our own ground, center and circle’, as an empowered stance to the challenges of life, anchoring us in the wisdom of body.

Week 3 - Body Energy - Stuck-ness to Flow 

We can often feel ‘stuck’ in our idea of who we are, stuck in a sense of what we believe to be right and wrong and thrown around by our undigested wounds. And yet body, mind, emotions and sense of self are all fluid and in a dynamic flow and pulse; a constantly changing process rather than a stuck ‘thing’. We will explore and develop embodied practices to support us to see how our body energy moves in waves, encounters the ‘unfinished gestalts’ of our body ‘patterning,’ and learn how to open beyond resistance to reveal a deeper, wider sense of sense of self.

Week 4 - Body Listening, Body Felt Sense, Body Tracking

Body pains and suffering often plague us and narrow our perspective leaving us feeling either victims of our body or disconnected and unable to listen to our bodies wisdom. Utilising the joint forces of mindfulness and movement a deeper embodiment is supported. We will learn how to evolve our embodied awareness and our ability to track what is happening in the body. This enables us to more accurately welcome, listen to, and and track the process of what is happening in our body through body sensations, feelings and signals.

Week 5 - Embodying Emotion

Some of us feel overwhelmed by emotions we do not know how to deal with, others of us feel cut off or emotionally disconnected. Emotions are a profound source of life energy and passion, a natural guidance system to what we love and are an essential part of our creative becoming. 

Becoming emotional intelligent refers to the process of learning to become wise, resilient and creative in relation to our emotions. It refers to our capacity to embody and feel our emotions, to hold a sense of ground and presence in the midst of emotion and to remain present and creative with our emotions in relationship to others. We will explore what it means to develop our inner witness, embody our emotions, and learn how we can unlock, express, ground and titrate our emotions in creative ways through the dance.

Week 6 - Integration - Embodied shadow work

Embodied shadow work is essential to lasting change. Evolving our capacity to learn to dis-identify with inner self defeating stories and self-states helps us to find more ground, flow, kindness and inner space. We will apply all we have learnt so far to explore some of our inner self-states through a grounded, creative movement journey. 

Evolving our capacity to welcome all of our experience with kindness, to investigate it with precision, awareness and curiosity allows our relationship with pain and suffering to transform from judgement, shame and contraction to fascination, curiosity and compassion. 


Cutting-edge explorations in the field of mental health now recognise the critical importance of the body/mind connection. Embodied practices such as dance and mindfulness are now seen as essential to true, lasting healing. Research shows that emotional intelligence, stability and resilience and the ability to tolerate strong emotions without dissociating are dependent upon, and reflective of, being present and embodied in the moment.

Conscious movement is a powerful way into the experience of feeling alive and at home in the body, offering instant access to our interior landscape of embodied awareness. Key to creativity and spontaneous expression we can explore the ways we move, feel and think allowing new pathways to open. Turning towards our body extends our capacity to be with what we find, discover our bodies inherent wisdom and be open to everything. Rather than seeking freedom from our body and emotions we deepen and open to our direct moment by moment embodied experience learning to welcome with love all that arises somatically and emotionally as inspiration for 10,000 creative dances.  The practice is exhilarating, joyous, sensual and transformative.

Body Wisdom Dance is brings together conscious dance (5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Open Floor), movement, mindfulness and embodied awareness practice, interwoven with psychotherapeutic understanding, clear cognitive frameworks, personal inquiry, and  fabulous music. It is an an integrated, transformative, movement meditation practice intended to resource us for our fast-moving, unpredictable times. 


By attending the Body Wisdom Dance Core Skills Introduction you will :-

  • Deepen your own embodiment and open your awareness to the many ways Body Wisdom Dance Core Skills can be added to existing therapeutic skills to expand and enhance your work with clients as a psychotherapist, coach, facilitator, body worker or embodiment teacher (e.g. yoga teachers).

  • Receive a 30 - 40 minute translated Video Talk prior to each in-person session. This will include theory, inspiration and creative explanation of the practices to be explored during the in-person session.

  • Learn how to resource, ground and center yourself in the wisdom of your body and deepen your understanding of how the state of the body influences state of mind and how state of mind influences how we experience our body. 

  • Explore the feeling body in motion, through breath, sensation, emotion, and embodied inquiry.

  • Evolve your body awareness and ability to track what is happening in your body, such that you can more accurately welcome, listen to, and follow the bodies signals; deepening precision awareness of what is true can reveal our bodies wisdom.

  • Discover how movement and awareness can be used to expand our capacity to witness, be with, be curious, open to, and explore shadow elements : - e.g. polarised self-states, emotions held in the body (e.g. anger and grief,) shame and inhibited breathing patterns etc.

  • Develop greater inner resilience and evolve your self-identification as a creative being - You will emerge stronger, more courageous, accepting, kind, honest and knowing your own boundaries.

  • Develop your understanding of how survival patterns show in our body, how dance and movement can be creatively used to gently open and melt these defensive structures, and how the held energy can be transformed into a creative resource.

  • Enhance your understanding of how to work with embodied trauma, dissociation and emotional overwhelm using movement, drawing and deep body resourcing to enable you to hold grounded and safe space for yourself and others.

  • Through the archetype of Dancing Hero we will learn how to include emergent, creative states, alongside trauma and shadow, so you expand your capacity to embody your gifts and take up space in the world with confidence and empowerment.