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"Slowly but surely, carefully but fiercely, deliberately but radiantly we will find ourselves sharing in the same circle of understanding, abiding in the eye of spirit, dancing in the freedom of the whole, expressed in all its parts" - Ken Wilber


Spiritual traditions and new physics are re-teaching us the profound inter-connectedness of the web of life. On the dance floor this truth shows up again and again as a powerful and profoundly nourishing felt experience in the space between us: we fall in love over and over, we sweat and fall into a wild spontaneously synchronized movement together, we witness the power of each others soul radiance. And yet what does this mean in our human relationships off the dance floor? How do we take this wonder and medicine into every day relating? What kind of a culture would support us to do this? Perhaps we are the ones that need to practice bringing such a culture into being?

We are all mirrors for each other. We can support lovingly and intimately and yet we can call forth potent reactivity, withdrawl, judgment and contraction in each other. We are still living much of the time in a world where we believe we are separate and the truth we know on the dance floor has disappeared over the horizon.

What are our styles of reactivity? Where do we pull back in shame? How open are we to being ‘seen’ in the way we long to be? How willing are we to open beyond our own perspective and sense of rightness? When we do open more fully beyond our reactive edges and the privatizing force of shame, our ‘worlds’ become more transparent to each other. Another dimension of inter-personal relating starts to open where we become more able to feel each other from the inside where separation is less and greater intimacy and compassion.

This is truly the time of the power of the evolutionary circle as teacher, where each of our perceptions enrich and all of us become teachers for each other as we co-create an evolutionary culture.

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